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How to measure your ring's size

What size mat cover do I need to order?  What size ring ropes will fit my ring?  How do I know what size ring skirts to buy?

These are just a few of the questions that we are asked on a regular basis.

In a gym, especially, where you have had your ring assembled for several years it is easy to forget what size it is.  

In the boxing world, a lot of the "old-timers" will refer to a ring's size by the area INSIDE the ring ropes.   This is NOT how rings are actually measured.

For example, a 20' boxing ring will have 16' INSIDE the ring ropes.   If you order a 16' canvas or ropes to fit a 16' ring, etc. it isn't going to work!

All rings, boxing, wrestling, etc. are measured by the size of the PLATFORM, edge to edge.  It is easy to measure your ring with a tape measure.   Go to the center of the ring and measure from edge to edge.   See below.

How to measure your ring's size

In the above illustration, the ring is 20'.  The area inside the ring ropes is not the ring's size.  It is the actual size of the platform.   

Measure your ring before making any accessory purchases, if you have any question about what size to get.  

Monster Rings and Cages is always glad to assist you.


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