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Muay Thai Punching Bag

Do you need a Muay Thai style punching bag that is built tough and designed to last for years with heavy daily use in your gym?  Our Monster Muay Thai Punching Bag is the bag you need.

Muay Thai punching bags are 6' tall and are also sometimes called "banana bags", long bags, or kicking bags.   

Other bags can be made from "artificial leather", or "PU leather".   This type of material can delaminate and puncture easily with hard use.  Our Muay Thai punching bag is made with tough vinyl and built to take daily punishment in your gym for years.

We have two sizes available.  One is the traditional 14" diameter x 72" while the other is a bigger and heavier 16" in diameter at 72" tall.

  • 72" x 14" = 130 lbs.
  • 72" x 16" = 155 lbs.

Our Monster heavy punching bags come with super strong bag chains with snap link connectors and a strong swivel.   Our punching bags are designed for "metal on metal" contact and are ready to be hung from your bag rack without any additional connectors.

If your gym needs punching bags that are built to last, then the Monster Heavy Punching Bag is what you need.