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Which is better?
Is vinyl, Leather, or artificial leather best?

Let's first talk about ARTIFICIAL LEATHER.  Actually, this is a fancy name for something that is not leather at all.  It is a type of vinyl that is smooth, like leather, but not the same.

Artificial leather is a very thin covering that is laminated on to give the bag the "look" of leather, at a lesser price.  These bags are generally not as good as vinyl or real leather.  The artificial covering can de-laminate and actually peel off.  It is also easily punctured and tears much easier than the other bags.  When you see a bag with a lot of duct tape on it, it is probably an artificial leather bag.

Real leather took the place of the old CANVAS punching bags.  Canvas punching bags were and still are very strong.  But they are rough on a person's bare hands and their gloves as well.   Real leather is soft and supple and certainly doesn't wear out a set of gloves, or bare knuckles like the canvas bags did.  The drawback is the expense of real leather.   Many boxers/boxing coaches still love the real leather bags.

Vinyl bags, made from good strong vinyl are very strong and tend to outlast all other punching bags.   They are certainly best to use in a boxing fitness gym where many classes and users are punching the bags every day.   The vinyl bags are a little rougher than real leather bags and artificial leather bags, but do not pose a threat to the user's gloves or their bare knuckles.  These work great in boxing gyms as well and the vinyl bags are able to withstand heavy punching day in and day out.

For most gyms, VINYL PUNCHING BAGS are the best answer.  Real Leather punching bags are also a top choice.  Artificial leather bags are the third choice, in our opinion.

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