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Contact us: 502-839-6335
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MMA CAGES and Equipment

MMA Equipment

Monster Rings and Cages is known worldwide as the company that builds the very BEST MMA CAGES in the world.   We build our cages and ship to promoters and to MMA gyms all around the world.

The difference in our cage and others is simple.  We have a better design.  It is the easiest to assemble and to take down and transport.  It is the STRONGEST MMA CAGE in the world.

Over the years we have developed our MMA cages to outperform all others and to be the safest cage you can use.   Ask any MMA commissioner and they will tell you that the Monster MMA Cages are the best.

We use strong AMERICAN steel in the construction of our cages.  The fence is very thick and very strong.  No worries about the cage wire with our MA Cages.

Per regulation, MMA Cage doors must open to the OUTSIDE only.  This is for the safety of the fighters.  If a fighter was down, in front of the cage door, and needed medical assistance, and you opened the door INTO the cage, the fighter would be in the way.   A Monster Cage is the very best and the safest.

We also offer the equipment for MMA training gyms.  We custom build bag racks, supply punching bags, safety and protective equipment, grappling dummies, and more.

When it comes to MMA, we have you covered!

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