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WRESTLING RINGS - which style is best?

The difference in the various styles

With Monster Wrestling Rings, you have a choice of the "style" wrestling ring you want to use.

The best one, will depend on how you are going to use it.  


The Monster Backyard Wrestling Ring is a strong and well-built wrestling ring.  It is not as strong as the Style 1 or Style 2 (or Lowboy wrestling ring), because it does not have the same frame design, or as much steel as the pro models.

It is design for the small promotion or personal training.   These are the rings that you do typically see at someone's residence.  These rings have a 16" finished ring floor height so they easily sit inside buildings with a lower ceiling height.


This is also a LOWBOY wrestling ring.   The style 2 / Lowboy Pro wrestling ring is our most popular selling pro-wrestling ring.   This ring is super strong and can be used in busy wrestling training schools as well as for live events by busy wrestling promoters.

These Style 2 wrestling rings are identical to the more expensive STYLE 1 with a minor exception.  That exception is the 4 side rails of the ring.   On a Style 1 the four side rails are a heavy steel TRUSS (looks sort of like a ladder turned sideways) and on the STYLE 2 ring the side rail is steel beam, rather than a truss.  Same strength as the truss, just much less labor involved in building this portion of the ring.  This results in a lower price.


Just like the Style 2 ring, these rings are built for heavy use in wrestling schools and by active promoters running lots of live events.  The only difference in the STYLE 1 and the STYLE 2 is the side rails, as explained above.


This is an "older style" that is no used as often as the typical Style 1 or Style 2 rings.  On a Breakdown Style wrestling ring, the pieces come apart in half-sized sections.  So, a 16' ring, rather than being in 16' long pieces, like the Breakdown, Style 1 and Style 2 rings will be in 8' pieces.   

While it does seem that have half-sized pieces would take the wrestling ring easier to transport, remember, that they are twice as many pieces.  

The WWE and many of the promotions in Japan do use Breakdown Style Wrestling Rings, they aren't otherwise as common as the other rings.  The Breakdown style does have a CENTER COIL SPRING.  Without a spring, the ring would have no chance of having any type of bounce.  But the spring does not make the ring extra bouncy.  Breakdown rings are stiff with very little floor movement (bump) compared to the typical rings.

Monster Rings and Cages builds many styles and sizes of wrestling rings.  We've built custom sizes for many movie studios, television production companies, event planning companies, etc. 

As always, feel free to ask us any questions. 



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