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The Monster Boxing Punching Bag will be a perfect punching bag, for your gym.

Our punching bag is made from tough heavy weight vinyl for superior strength and longevity in your gym.

While many punching bags are "artificial leather" and can delaminate and tear with use, the strong vinyl cannot delaminate and is built to take years of use and abuse in your gym.

Our Monster Punching Bags are also "fat".  Typical bags have a width of only 14" while our Monster Punching Bags are 16" in diameter.  

Our bag stuffing is packed very tightly, but soft textile clippings are used to give you hand protection as well as a solid, but realistic, punching experience.

Our Monster Boxing Bags come in two (2) sizes.

  • 48" long x 16" weighing 110 lbs.
  • 60" long x 16" weighing 125 lbs.

Very strong chains with snap link connections and a strong swivel are included.   The Monster heavy punching bag is ready to hang and use immediately.