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Heavy Punching Bags
Chains or Straps

When it comes to hanging heavy punching bags, there is some question as to which is best, chains or nylon straps?

In a gym with a lot of punching bags you will sometimes see the bags using the nylon straps with the idea that the nylon straps will make less noise than the chains.

That is really not necessarily true.  Good bag chains are thick and heavy, and the weight of the bag holds them taut, making them pretty quiet.  

Here's why Monster Rings and Cages thinks that heavy bag chains are better than nylon straps.

  • Heavy bag chains, at least what we use here at Monster, are many times stronger than nylon straps.  

  • Heavy bag chains (at least our chains) have a strong SWIVEL built into the chain.   This swivel eliminates the stress and wear and tear on the D rings on the bag.   There is no "twisting" like the nylon straps can do.   The swivel takes care of this.   

  • Should something happen to a heavy bag chain, it is simple to change them out by attaching a new chain.  With a Nylon strap, if something happens to your strap or D ring, the bag is finished and just has to be thrown away.

  • With a heavy bag chain, you can (and should) connect "metal to metal" by connecting your swivel to the bag rack's eyebolt using a strong snap link connection.  Metal on metal will not affect the longevity of the bag like it might on a heavy bag with nylon straps.

  • Monster bag chains have easy to adjust chains.   If you need to shorten your chain, due to having a lower-than-normal bag rack, it is easy to do with chains (ours adjust with quick snap links).  It is basically impossible to adjust nylon straps on a heavy bag.

  • Are there different strengths in bag chains?  Certainly.  Some companies that sell heavy punching bags don't include a swivel and make you buy that extra.  They also use lightweight chains to cut down on the cost, but when selling to "home gym users" even those are pretty good.  For heavy gym use, day in and day out, good strong bag chains are a must and Monster Rings and Cages uses only super strong bag chains and connections.

So, which is better, Nylon Straps or Bag Chains?  Bag chains win by a landslide.

As always, feel free to contact Monster Rings and Cages with any questions.


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