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We offer the very best, and most protective wrestling ring padding available.  Don't be fooled by others selling "rolls of padding" that are actually REJECTED padding from Armacell and nowhere near as protective and as safe as our wrestling ring padding.

Our padding is in large rectangular sheets and laser cut to perfection.  At 1" thick it is twice as protective as the "roll" padding that is thicker.  We have the best!

Our padding is easy to ship, we ship on a pallet, and easy for you to store and travel with.  Our padding fits your wrestling ring platform perfectly with no overhang and offers the best footing and the most protection.  With a hardness of 2.2 lbs. Monster wrestling Ring Padding is all you will ever need.  You can use this padding to take bumps on the floor!  Don't try that with the rejected roll padding.

We stock hundreds of sheets of this padding and custom cut it to fit your ring, when you order.  We palletize it and ship it directly to your home or business location.  

We sell our Monster Wrestling Ring Padding by the RING SIZE so order, based on the platform size of your ring.

We ship your order usually the next business day via a national truck line.  

SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED in the price.  Enter your shipping information to get a shipping quote.


telephone: (502) 839-6335  East Coast time zone

email: info@teammrc.com