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Contact us: 502-839-6335
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Monster Rings and Cages builds the ULTIMATE FIGHTING COMPETITION MMA Cages
Ultimate Fighting Cages are built exclusively by Monster RIngs and Cages
Monster Rings and Cages


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Competition Cage

The Monster ULTIMATE MMA CAGE is designed and manufactured to be similar to the UFC style if MMA cage.  This Competition MMA Cage has the fence panels lowered on the outside of the cage, so the bottom of the fence panel sits BELOW the cage floor, instead of on top of the floor.  Your catwalk, or your skirts, will hide the bottom of the cage panel from view.

This ULTIMATE MMA CAGE has extra poles which enables us to have the doorways/gates as separate "panels" meaning that there is not overhead bar and no bar at the fighter's feet.  

This is the absolute BEST MMA CAGE in the world, and it is built by Monster Rings and Cages, in Lawrenceburg, KY.  

Every part and piece is built with structural grade steel, so it is the strongest MMA cage available.  The welding is performed by expert welders and built to last more than a lifetime.

We use more steel and better-quality steel than anyone else.  Nobody can offer you a better MMA Cage at any price!

Everything about our Monster ULTIMATE MMA CAGE is better.  We use extra firm foam padding on the cage panels and for the bumper pads.  This foam is made exclusively for Monster Rings and Cages.  The top of the fence panels has 4.75" diameter hard protective foam.  Even the two ends of each panel have the hard protective foam.  Your fighters are 100% SAFE in this Monster MMA Cage.

Our Monster MMA Cages are LEGAL to use in all of the USA states and around the world.  We know how to design and build MMA Cages.

We have our ULTIMATE MMA CAGE priced, here, in several sizes both WITH and WITHOUT a CATWALK.


  • Structural Steel Cage frame - no tools needed for assembly.
  • Tongue and Groove super strong engineered plywood flooring
  • flooring is pre-cut and pre-numbered for easy assembly.
  • super dense 2.2 lb. cage floor padding
  • cage padding is pre-cut and pre-numbered.
  • The STRONGEST cage panel fencing!  Twice as strong as others.
  • Cage panels will bolt on to the cage poles - fast assembly.
  • The strongest cage doors - open out only per regulation
  • Cage doors have super strong locks - can't open under pressure.
  • Cage panels have dense protective foam pad - top & 2 ends.
  • Bumper pads at each pole - 72" tall x 2" thick x 12" wide regulation
  • Great looking athletic vinyl covers for cage foam.
  • highest quality cage floor canvas with tie downs
  • lightweight & strong skirts - for cage or for catwalk
  • All steel stairways - no dangerous wood - holds 1000 + lbs.
  • optional catwalk - 4' wide for extra room
  • Catwalk is the same structural steel - no tools needed
  • same strong engineered wood for the flooring
  • catwalk top is covered with no slip hard rubber flooring.
  • customization / logo printing is available on all canvas and vinyl

SHIPPING:  We ship our MMA cages nose loaded in the front of a trailer, then we seal the trailer with a bulkhead and ship to you.  This gives you the value of better shipping costs as well as easier unloading.  No need for a forklift.

Shipping is not included in the cost so you should CONTACT US for a quote.  We ship our Monster MMA Cages to all countries around the world.

PRODUCTION TIME:  The amount of time that transpires between your order and us shipping your cage is based on the number of orders already in front of your order.  For emergency orders, we can always try to help you.  It is always best to CONTACT US first.  MMA CAGES are MADE-TO-ORDER.  

FINANCING OPTIONS:  Many of our customers decide to use Commercial Leasing to finance their MMA cages.  We have that available.  Visit our EASY FINANCING page for additional information.


You get to select the colors for your cage.  The fencing is always black, but the vinyl on the cage panels and bumper pads can be black, gray, blue, red, white, yellow, etc.  The canvas mat cover is available in black, red, blue, gray, or white.  

We can offer custom logo printing as well.  CONTACT US for details and we can price any custom logo printing for you.

TELEPHONE: (502) 839-6335 East Coast Time Zone