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padded cover for short turnbuckles
Turnbuckle covers for short turnbuckles
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If your ring uses turnbuckles that are 6" or 9" these turnbuckle covers are for you.

If you are unsure as to the size of your turnbuckle, please see our HOW TO MEASURE A TURNBUCKLE page.

These turnbuckle covers are 12" long and have 1/4" of padding sewn inside.  They are ideal for covering your ring's turnbuckles for a great look, and for extra safety.  

Strong hook and loop Velcro closure makes these turnbuckle covers very easy to put on and to remove.  

A quantity of one (1) is for 1 turnbuckle cover.  To order them in sets of 12, or more, you will need to have a total quantity of your desired number.

We offer these turnbuckle covers in four colors:

  • Black
  • Red
  • White
  • Blue

You can order a complete set in one color or mix and match your colors.

Free Ground Shipping to any of the 48 Continental USA states is included in the price.

  • Strong athletic vinyl with hook and loop Velcro closure
  • 12" long with 1/4" of padding sewn inside
  • protects turnbuckles and users
  • makes your ring look great
  • order in 1 color or mix and match colors 
  • free ground shipping- 48 states