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The T-Bar Bag Stand is a great addition to your gym.  The Monster T-Bar bag stand allows you to have a space saving bag stand for your punching bags, or to add a couple punching bags anywhere in your gym.   Basically, this is a Hangman Bag Stand with two heavy bag arms.  Buy one, or as many as you need.  The T-Bar Bag Stand offers space-saving and economy for your gym.

There are many options for the Monster T-Bar Bag Stand.  We can join these bag stands together with MMA fence panels, chin-up bars, or customize them to meet your gym needs.  We also use these to make some great bag racks holding many heavy bags for class use.  See our BAG RACK section for more information on those.

SIZE:  Our Monster T-Bar Bag Stand is typically 100" tall and the top bag arm is 72" long.  Since we are the manufacturer, we can adjust the height of the stand for you, if you have lower ceilings, etc.

SHIPPING:  The cost of shipping is NOT included in the price.  This T-Bar Bag Stand will ship to you on one (1) custom pallet, via national truck line.  CONTACT US for a shipping quote.

 Punching bags are NOT included in the price, but you can purchase punching bags directly from Monster.

FINANCING:  Financing the Monster T-Bar Bag Stand is easy to do through AFFIRM or KLARNA.  We also offer Commercial Leasing for our products. See the EASY FINANCING page for details.

PRODUCTION TIME:  Production time, the amount of time between your order being placed and your product getting shipped will vary, based on the number of orders that are already in front of you.  Generally, the T-Bar Bag Stand will ship within 14 business days of your order.  You should CONTACT US for an accurate production time estimate.  

 CONTACT USEMAIL: info@teammrc.com

TELEPHONE: 502-839-6335 East Coast Time Zone