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 Gym Boxing Ring

A Monster Self-Standing Floor Boxing Ring is a totally free-standing boxing ring, it does NOT bolt to your floor.   This is a portable gym boxing ring. 

Since the free-standing floor boxing ring doesn't need to be mounted to the floor, it can be moved, and/or assembled and taken down for storage, if needed. 

It is a great option if you need a Floor Boxing Ring, but cannot mount the ring to your floor, in typical fashion.  This is great for trade shows and seminars.
The Champ, Mike Tyson bought one to use for photo/autograph sessions. 

While the self-standing boxing ring is great for its particular uses, it is not for any type of sanctioned events.

Since these rings do not attach to the floor, they may move under pressure.

The self-standing floor boxing ring does bolt together, quickly and easily, and comes apart quickly for storage or transport.  We off this ring in four (4) (outside measurement) sizes up to 16'.

We offer the SELF-STANDING FLOOR BOXING RING in the following sizes.

  • 10' outside measurement =   8' inside the ropes
  • 12' outside measurement = 10' inside the ropes
  • 14' outside measurement = 12' inside the ropes
  • 16' outside measurement = 14' inside the ropes


  • 4 corner ring posts
  • side rails - to form the frame
  • 12 hook and hook turnbuckles
  • turnbuckle covers
  • three (3) ring ropes -complete
  • 1 set of boxing ring corner pads
  • all bolts, nuts, and washers for assembly
  • easy to follow assembly instructions


Traditional ring padding does NOT come with this boxing ring.

A canvas mat cover is NOT included with this style of boxing ring.

The Self-Standing Gym Boxing Ring is designed to sit directly on your gym floor, or mats.

The Self-Standing Floor Boxing Ring will ship on a pallet via commercial truck line.  

CONTACT US for a shipping quote.  Shipping charges are not included in the ring’s price.

These rings are BUILT TO ORDER.  Production time will vary and will depend on the number of orders that are ahead of you. 

FINANCING:  Klarna or Affirm are just two of our lending partners that will finance your purchase.  For larger purchases, we also have Commercial Leasing companies to help you.  Please see our EASY FINANCING page for additional details.

Contact us anytime during business hours, via telephone, through our CHAT feature, or through email.  We are always happy to help.

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