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 Style 2

The Monster Style 2 Pro Wrestling Ring is also the World's strongest wrestling ring, and it is manufactured exclusively by Monster Rings and Cages.  

This Monster Wrestling Ring is used around the world in top wrestling promotions and training schools and proclaimed by all to be the absolute best!

The Style 2 Monster Pro Wrestling Ring does not have a truss side rail, like the style 1, it has a super strong steel beam as it's side rails.  This makes the style 2 pro wrestling ring just as strong as our style 1 but it is less expensive, since we don't have the labor costs associated with building the truss.   A Monster wrestling ring is the strongest in the world!

This ring comes complete, shipped to you on a pallet, and includes everything except  the wood for the flooring.  We do not supply the 2" x 12' boards for the ring's flooring for a couple of reasons.  One, shipping rates go way up.  Two, you always want to purchase the wood locally, so it is accustomed to your area's humidity levels, etc.  Shipping long 2" x 12" boards on a truck line usually results in a lot of bowed and warped boards.


  • Complete steel ring frame - structural grade steel for strength
  • expert welding lasting more than a lifetime
  • our frame is built with the Monster drop and lock system - no nuts/bolts
  • built flexi-beam style for best bump
  • quick connect underneath cables with turnbuckles - adds strength
  • the world's best ring padding - 2.2 lb. density - you can bump on the concrete floor using this padding
  • 12 super strong hook and hook turnbuckles for quick rope assembly
  • 3 extra strong ring ropes - cable ropes are standard
  • 1 set (12) vinyl turnbuckle pads with tie string - long lasting & easy to clean
  • quick attach nylon ring skirts. Black is standard.  Lightweight for no sagging
  • 1 set (12) turnbuckle covers, with protective sewn in foam - various colors available
  • canvas ring cover - professional canvas.  Includes tie down cord.
  • easy to follow assembly instructions - no tools needed
  • You pick colors of canvas, turnbuckle pads and turnbuckle covers from stock

You provide the wood flooring

  • 16' ring uses seventeen (17)  2" x 12" x 16' boards
  • 18' ring uses nineteen (19)  2" x 12" x 18' boards
  • 20' ring uses twenty-one (21)  2" x 12" x 20' boards

PRODUCTION TIME: All wrestling rings are custom built to order.  Time in production (from order until ready to ship) will vary, based on the number of orders that are in front of yours, when you place your order. Once an order is placed, it cannot be canceled.  You can CONTACT US for an approximate production time.



Our website will calculate your WRESTLING RING shipping costs for you.  Add the ring to your cart and start the checkout procedure.  Once you have entered the address information, you can CALCULATE SHIPPING.  It will tell you the least expensive shipping charges.  You can add this to your cart and checkout if you are ready.  You can use a credit card, debit card, or finance the ring purchase using KLARNA or SHOP PAY.   You are not obligated to finish the checkout process if you only want a shipping quote.

If you place an order, we will double-check the shipping to make certain that no mistake was made.  If it has been, we will let you know the correct total.

NOTE:  DO NOT select LIFT GATE SERVICE.  Wrestling Ring pallets are too large for a lift gate.

When you wrestling ring arrives, you are responsible for unloading the ring from the trailer.  2 to 4 people can usually do this in 20 minutes. 

As always, contact us with any question. 

You are also welcome to pick up the ring, at our factory in Lawrenceburg, KY.

FINANCING:  All of our Monster Wrestling Rings are easily financed using one our financing partners.  AFFIRM and KLARNA will be very happy to work with you for the financing.  Just click on their links for more information.


TELEPHONE: (502) 839-6335 East Coast Time Zone


Telephone: (502) 839-6335