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Contact us: 502-839-6335
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Breakdown Style

A breakdown pro wrestling ring comes apart in one-half sized pieces instead of being in all long pieces, like the Flexi-beam style rings.

Our Monster Breakdown style pro wrestling ring, also referred to as a "WWE style wrestling ring", is made to come apart in one-half sized pieces, for easier travel and storage.  This is also the same style of wrestling ring that is used in Japan.

A breakdown style wrestling ring will have a center coil spring, where the ring frame connects together.  Unlike a Flexi-beam wrestling ring, that is built to use long 2" x 12" boards for the ring's floor, a breakdown wrestling ring will use 3/4" plywood, keeping every part of the ring in shorter pieces.

As an example, a 16' breakdown style ring will come apart in 8' sized pieces and will use eight sheets of 4' x 8' plywood for the floor.

While you do have more parts and pieces, the breakdown ring will ship and store in a smaller space.  A 16' Flexi-beam ring will require 16' of space to transport and store, while the 16' breakdown style ring will only need 8'.

Having a center spring actually does make the ring floor "stiffer", than the flexi-beam ring.  It is designed to move only during a "bump".

A Monster breakdown wrestling ring is made from structural grade steel, so it is very strong. The Monster Breakdown pro wrestling ring is expertly welded and made to last more than a lifetime.

Buying the wood flooring from us is an option, since the breakdown ring using sheets of plywood.  We use a tongue and grooved engineered OSB which is much better than regular plywood.  Our pricing will show you the cost both WITHOUT and WITH the wood flooring.  


  • all steel ring frame made with structural grade steel
  • very strong center coil spring and assembly
  • The center spring is replaceable / changeable
  • under ring tension cables
  • closed cell pro ring padding in rectangular sheets 2.2 lb. density
  • highest quality ring canvas
  • lacing rope for canvas
  • 1 set (4) lightweight nylon ring skirts (black)
  • 3 ring ropes - cable rope is standard, real rope is an option
  • 12 top quality turnbuckles
  • 1 set (12) turnbuckle pads
  • 1 set (12) turnbuckle covers
  • easy to follow assembly instructions
  • optional engineered plywood flooring available - additional cost
  • ships on custom built pallets

SHIPPING:  Shipping to you will be on pallets.  These will be delivered by a national LTL carrier (truck line).  You are responsible for unloading the ring from the trailer.  The cost of shipping is not included in the price of the ring.

CALCULATE SHIPPING by adding the ring to your cart and quoting the shipping.  We are located in Kentucky, and we ship worldwide.  You are also welcome to pick up your ring form our factory.  CONTACT US for help or with any questions.

PRODUCTION TIME: All wrestling rings are custom built to order.  Time in production (from order until ready to ship) will vary, based on the number of orders that are in front of yours, when you place your order. Once an order is placed, it cannot be canceled. canceled. CONTACT US to find out about the estimated time in production.  

FINANCING:  We have partner companies that do offer financing for your purchase. AFFIRM  and KLARNA are quick and easy companies to use for financing.  See the link on this page.  Since our shopping cart cannot calculate freight shipping, you will need to contact us, if you want to include the shipping amount in the total amount financed.

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