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 Gym Cage Panels 

Need a cage panel run for your gym?  The absolute strongest cage panels available, are made by Monster Rings and Cages.

We are known, worldwide, as the leader in all areas related to MMA cages and equipment.  A Monster Cage Panel is built much stronger and much safer than what others have to offer you.

We use a stronger, structural grade steel, and our vinyl coated fence is much thicker and much stronger that the others.  Plus, we have built in safety features that the others just can't offer.

Our foam padding is twice as thick as others offer and ours is a very hard, very protective foam.  Safety is first and foremost.

We custom build cage panel runs, here at our shop, based on your total space.  Straight runs, angles, square, rectangle, or any other shape is possible when you work with Monster Rings and Cages.

COLORS:  We offer a variety of colors that you can pick for your cage panel's vinyl covers and the bumper pads.  Typical colors are black, red, blue, white.  Other colors may be available as well. 

Here is what is included:

  • strong, 4" wide corner posts sitting on 3/8's thick steel plate with pre-drilled precision holes, for easy floor mounting.
  • strong square structural grade steel frame that bolts securely to the posts
  • heavy vinyl coated fence, built to last, and built for safety.
  • 4.75" diameter HARD (protective) foam for the top and bottom of each panel
  • 3" diameter HARD (protective) foam for the vertical ends
  • top quality athletic vinyl coverings for top, bottom, and both ends
  • no clamps protruding into the fence area for greater safety
  • each post has a super protective bumper pad.  72" tall x 12" wide c 2" thick
  • Bumper pad has a hard, rigid foam for greater safety and a much better look
  • we supply the bolts, flat washers, lock washers, and nuts for assembly
  • we supply the concrete anchors and the masonry bit to bolt the posts to your floor
  • locking doorway can be added to any cage panel
  • Simple to follow assembly instructions are included
  • we custom design the measurements to fit your area
  • shipped to you on a custom-built strong, well protected pallet
  • you can choose the vinyl colors for your cage panels

When you purchase, a quantity of one (1) will be one panel and 2 poles.  You can purchase as many regular panels as you like.  You can also purchase panels with the locking doorway as well.

Custom printing /customization is also available.  CONTACT US for information.

SHIPPING:  Shipping to you will be on pallets.  These will be delivered by a national LTL carrier (truck line).   The cost of shipping is not included in the price and must be calculated based on your ship to address.   We are located in Kentucky, and we ship worldwide.  CONTACT US for a shipping quote.  

PRODUCTION TIME: All cage items are custom built to order.  Time in production (from order until ready to ship) will vary, based on the number of orders that are in front of yours, when your order is placed.  Once an order is placed, it cannot be canceled.  Contact us for an approximate production time.

FINANCING:  We have partner companies that do offer financing for your purchase.  AFFIRM and KLARNA are quick and easy companies to use for financing.  See the link on this page.  For larger purchases, Commercial Leasing is an option as well.  Click on this link, EASY FINANCING for more information.  The response is usually immediate.  Please note:  Since our shopping cart cannot calculate freight shipping, you will need to contact us first, if you want to include that amount in the total amount financed.


Telephone: (502) 839-6335 East Coast time line