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The cage panel vinyl fits over top of your padding on your cage panel.   We can offer our vinyl Cage panel covers to you in a generic length or a custom length.   Likewise you can have a custom width. 

We generally stock our cage panel vinyl fence covers in lengths of 120" with black being the most stocked color.  You can purchase these 10' long pieces and trim them to fit, or contact us for custom sizes and/or colors.

The quantity of one (1) is one vinyl cover that is 16.5" wide x 120" long with Velcro closures.  The price shown does include free ground shipping in the 48 states.

Be advised that this high quality cage panel vinyl is designed to fit our Monster oversized cage panel foam padding.   Others do not use this foam and will generally use a small (in diameter) and softer foam.  If you are replacing your cage vinyl, you should measure the length and width in order for us to get you the proper fit.

As the largest manufacturer of MMA Cages, cage panels runs, and MMA gym equipment, we can help you with new vinyl covers for your cage fence panels. 

PRICING for our standard rail pad covers is $42 per each cover.  To do the top and bottom of your cage panel, would be a quantity of two (2).  This is our standard cover that is 120" long.  For other lengths, please contact us for pricing.

Again, if your cage was not built by Monster, your width may need to be adjusted.  CONTACT US for more information.

We stock black.  Other colors are available as a custom order.   


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