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 MMA Cage 

Need a cage for your gym, but don't have the room for an elevated cage?  Then a Monster Floor Cage may be exactly what you need.

While others use cheap materials and thin fencing to offer you an "economy price", as a gym owner you know that quality = safety.  A Monster Floor Cage is the safest and will outlast all others.

You can train your fighters properly and safely in a Monster Cage.

We have our Floor Cages in two main styles.  One style is WITH posts that bolt into your floor, shown here as FLOOR MOUNT, or FM, and the other style is a free-standing version, without posts.  Shown in the pricing as FREE STANDING and FS. This style is designed to sit directly on your existing mats, without causing damage.  This free-standing style bolts together with very strong brackets to hold the floor cage rock-solid.

The FLOOR MOUNT version can come with, or without MMA floor padding. 

 The FREE STANDING FLOOR CAGE is designed to sit on top of your existing mats or flooring.

We now offer 1.5" thick MMA mats for the flooring for our Floor Mount Floor Cages.  This offers a surface that is perfect for both stand-up and ground training, and best of all, easily cleaned.  These roll-out MMA mats will make your floor cage look great and make it very safe for your fighters. This means no canvas or vinyl mat cover to tie down and deal with wrinkles, and replacement.

We build our Monster Floor Cages in three (3) standard sizes, but of course we can build any custom size you need.  Smaller or Larger than our standard size is not a problem for us to quote for you.  We manufacture these cages, so anything is possible with Monster.


  • 16'
  • 18'
  • 20'


  • 8 super strong cage panels 
  • same super strong cage wire as on our competition cages
  • 1 cage panel will have a strong locking gate/doorway
  • all panels are protected on all four sides with oversized, very protective foam
  • strong vinyl coverings on all 4 sides
  • 72" x 12" x 2" very firm/protective bumper pad in each corner - regulation
  • free-standing cages will have 16" octagonal brackets
  • Floor mounted panels will have 8 heavy duty posts with pre-drilled 3/8's thick plates
  • all hardware and assembly pieces
  • easy to follow assembly instructions with photos
  • OPTIONAL flooring will be 1.5" thick roll out MMA mats
  • you decide color choices
  • OPTIONAL logo/custom printing 


  • FREE STANDING = no posts – sits directly on top of your existing mats
  • FLOOR MOUNT – with posts – bolts into your floor – can use your padding
  • FLOOR MOUNT with Padding – bolts to floor and includes roll out MMA mats.


SHIPPING:  We ship the floor cage on a large pallet, via national truck line.  Shipping is not included in the price. CONTACT US for a shipping quote.

PRODUCTION TIME:  The time it takes between your order being placed and your order being shipped is "production time".  This will vary, based on the number of orders that are already in front of your order. CONTACT US for an estimate on production time. 

FINANCING:  Many of our customers take advantage of the easy financing that our partner companies can offer.  KLARNA  and AFFIRM are both simple and easy financing companies that many of our customers use.  Larger purchases may require a different lender.  For more information, see our EASY FINANCING page.

CONTACT US:  info@teammrc.com 

Telephone @ (502) 839-6335  East Coast Time Zone