Contact us: 502-839-6335
Contact us: 502-839-6335
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Monster Floor Boxing Ring
Monster Floor ring in gym
Monster Rings and Cages


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A Monster Floor Boxing Ring will mount directly to your gym's concrete floor and give you all the advantages of a professional boxing ring, at a budget pleasing price. 

We offer our Floor Boxing Rings in seven (7) different size options.  Our available colors are, RED, WHITE, BLUE or BLACK.  When ordering, select the size you are interested in (listed as the outside dimension).


  • 12' = 10' inside the ropes
  • 14' = 12' inside the ropes
  • 16' = 14' inside the ropes
  • 18' = 16' inside the ropes
  • 20' = 16' inside the ropes
  • 22' = 18' inside the ropes
  • 24' = 20' inside the ropes



  • 4 corner posts - these bolt into your concrete floor
  • 8 corner braces - 2 per post.  These bolt into your concrete floor
  • Three (3) complete ring ropes - Red, White, Blue, or black
  • 1 set of corner pads - Red, White, Blue, or black
  • 12 hook and hook professional turnbuckles
  • turnbuckle covers
  • highest quality canvas mat cover with connection cable and turnbuckle
  • amateur and professional event approved competition ring padding
  • 24 concrete anchors
  • 1 masonry drill bit
  • easy to follow assembly instructions


  • Logo / graphics printing
  • ring stools
  • corner post covers

 Our Monster Floor Boxing Rings are built to order and usually ship within 10 business days or less.  The number of orders in front of your order will affect your shipping time. The cost for shipping to you is NOT included in the price.  Contact us with questions about our current production schedule.  Once placed, an order cannot be canceled.

CONTACT US for a shipping quote.  This floor boxing ring will ship on a pallet, via national truck line.  

All of our Monster products qualify for easy financing.  Our finance partners can help you with your equipment purchases, for one item, or an entire gym's worth of equipment.

Contact us with any questions.  We are always happy to help. 

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