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The Monster Classic Cage is designed for use in your gym, but these are also competition legal and are used my many MMA promotions. 

Everyone knows that Monster builds the world's best MMA cage, and we build and ship these our MMA Cages to gyms all around the world.

Our structural grade steel, our extra strong cage wire, our superior foam padding, as well as our Monster design makes a Monster MMA Cage the strongest and the best MMA cage you can find.  Others pretend, we can prove it!

The CLASSIC MMA CAGE is not designed to use the tongue and grooved OSB for the flooring.  The Classic MMA Cage will use 2" x 10" boards for the cage flooring.  The cost of those boards is NOT included in the price of the cage.    Our shipping rate will be the same, with or without the wood flooring, so you may want us to precut and number the wood for you.  We can do that, for an additional price.    We do color code the inside frame for quick and easy assembly.  CONTACT US for a quote on the 2" x 10" wood flooring for the CLASSICE MMA CAGE.

CONTACT US for a Shipping Quote.

We offer our Monster CLASSIC MMA Cages in 5 sizes.  Remember, cages are measured flat to flat, and not point to point diagonally.

  • 16'  not competition legal size
  • 18'  competition legal in some states
  • 20'  20' and greater is competition legal in all states
  • 22'
  • 24'


  • Structural grade steel frame 
  • color coded for easy assembly
  • Monster drop and lock connections - no tools needed
  • cage panels bolt on for extra strength and stability - others sway, not ours
  • extra thick vinyl coated wire for the fence panels.  Twice as thick/strong as others
  • 2.2 lb. density floor padding is pre-cut and numbered
  • 4.75" diameter hard (protective) foam for cage panels - much better than others
  • bumper pads are regulation size - 72" x 12" x 2" and use a hard (very protective) foam.  
  • one cage doorway - for competition some states require 2 doorways
  • one all steel stairway- much safer and stronger than wooden stairs
  • the strongest cage door and lock in the business 
  • set of cage skirts
  • all assembly hardware
  • easy to follow assembly instructions with photos

SHIPPING:  We ship our MMA cages nose loaded in the front of a trailer, then we seal the trailer with a bulkhead and ship to you.  This gives you the value of better shipping costs as well as easier unloading.  No need for a forklift.

Shipping is not included in the cost so you should contact us for a quote.  

PRODUCTION TIME:  The amount of time that transpires between your order and us shipping your cage is based on the number of orders already in front of your order.  For emergency orders, we can always try to help you.  It is always best to contact us first.  MMA Cages, like our rings and other equipment will always be custom made to order so plan ahead.  Please advise us if you have a planned grand opening or event when you order.

FINANCING OPTIONS:  Many of our customers decide to use Commercial Leasing to finance their MMA cages.  We have that available.  Visit our EASY FINANCING page for additional information.


You get to select the colors for your cage.  The fencing is always black, but the vinyl on the cage panels and bumper pads can be black, gray, blue, red, white, yellow, etc.  The canvas mat cover is available in black, red, blue, gray, or white.  

We can offer custom logo printing as well. CONTACT US for details and we can price any custom logo printing for you.


Telephone: (502) 839-6335  East Coast time zone