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Contact us: 502-839-6335
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Would you like the WWE style ring ropes on your ring?  We manufacture them here.  We use a very strong rope that is more than one inch in diameter and we pre-stretch it before we tape it to your desired color.

If you don't use the proper rope, when making real rope wrestling ring ropes, you will have ropes that continue to stretch and always need adjusting.  Additionally, with the tremendous force, placed on wrestling ring ropes, an ordinary rope may break during use.

Our rope is a special blend of fibers that is very strong, with a 33,000 minimum breaking strength, and it has very low stretch properties.  It is the perfect rope for wrestling.

Our real rope wrestling ring ropes include 4 strong round retaining rings for super fast connection to your turnbuckles.  We include four (4) heavy duty hook and hook turnbuckles with each ring rope, and we pre-stretch and tape them to color, then clamp them securely together.  

Our wrestling ring ropes are sold as a quantity on one (1) rope.  The prices shown are for one (1) ring rope.  So, if you need all three (3) you will need to order a quantity of 3.

FREE GROUND SHIPPING to any of the 48 Continental USA states is included in the price.

  • Super strong wrestling ring rope
  • pre-stretched
  • taped to your color choice
  • 4 round retaining rings are included for quick connection
  • 4 heavy duty hook and hook turnbuckles are included with each rope
  • made to order
  • Free ground shipping with the 48 Continental states