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A turnbuckle wrap is a vinyl covering that actually wraps around all 4 turnbuckles (or 3 if you have a 3 rope ring) in each corner of your boxing ring.  Muay Thai rings and international boxing rings are more likely to use the turnbuckle wraps, but a lot of boxing gyms in the USA like the look of our Monster Turnbuckle Wrap.

You will use the turnbuckle wraps, instead of using the individual turnbuckle covers.  A turnbuckle wraps will surround all 4 turnbuckles in each corner, offering both protection and good looks. 

While others offer these only in 12" widths, to fit the short turnbuckles, we offer them in two sizes.  We offer them in 12' width and 24" width to cover the long turnbuckles that are typically used on boxing rings. 

Here, at Monster Rings and Cages, we offer the turnbuckle wraps in 4 different colors and two sizes.  A quantity of 1 is for one wrap.  You can mix and match colors to make your own set (of 4) to compliment your boxing ring or gym colors.

FREE GROUND SHIPPING to any of the 48 states is included in the price.  We ship using UPS Ground service which is typically 2 to 4 business days.  International orders or expedited orders should contact us for the shipping charges.


  • Red
  • White
  • Blue
  • Black

Note:  These wraps are 76" long and close with VELCRO.   They are designed to fit directly over your turnbuckles.  If you are also using thickly padded turnbuckle covers, these wraps may not fit.