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 Style 2 Wrestling Ring - 16" floor height

The Monster Lowboy Pro Wrestling Ring is lower version of our Style 2 pro wrestling ring.  The Lowboy Pro Wrestling Ring has a finished ring floor height of 16" which is perfect if you need to sit up a ring in a building with lower ceilings.  Lowboy Wrestling Rings are sometimes called TV (television) wrestling rings, since they can be set up in TV studios with low hanging lights and sound equipment.  A Lowboy Wrestling Ring is a great choice for running events in clubs and bars, giving everyone a great view of the action and low enough to not interfere with hanging lights, etc.

Many pro wrestling training schools use our Lowboy Pro Wrestling rings, while promoters running events in buildings with ceiling or obstruction issues prefer the lower floor height.

The Monster Lowboy Pro Wrestling Ring is identical to our STYLE 2 Pro Wrestling ring, except it has shorter corner posts and a lower finished ring floor height.  The ring ropes are the same regulation height.

This is the strongest pro wrestling ring you can buy.  We use structural grade steel in every part of the ring.  This ring is made to last!  No tools are needed for assembly.

We offer our Monster Lowboy Wrestling ring package in three sizes, 14', 16', 18', and 20'.


  • All steel frame - structural grade steel – the strongest
  • drop and lock connection - no tools needed
  • built Flexi-beam style for a great bump
  • strong under ring tension cables for quick assembly
  • closed cell pro ring padding in rectangular sheets - very protective
  • 3 cable ring ropes covered in high quality protective hose - black only
  • 12 heavy duty turnbuckles
  • 1 set of 12 turnbuckle pads with tie string
  • 1 canvas ring cover - highest quality
  • lacing rope for canvas
  • 1 set (4) lightweight nylon ring skirts
  • easy to follow assembly instructions for assembly

Monster Wrestling Rings are made to order.  Production time is determined by the number of orders already in front of you order.  CONTACT US in advance to find out about your production time.  IMPORTANT NOTICE: Once ordered, this purchase cannot be canceled or refunded.  

SHIPPING:  The shipping charges are NOT included in the price of the ring.  We ship your wrestling ring on a specially built pallet and ship using a national truck line.  CONTACT US for a shipping quote.  When the truck arrives at your home or business location, you will be responsible for unloading the ring from the trailer.  Two to four people can usually do this in 15 to 20 minutes.  

We ship our wrestling rings to countries all around the world and will be happy to quote the shipping for you.  

FINANCING:  Both AFFIRM and KLARNA offer easy financing options for your wrestling ring purchase.  Click on those links for additional information.

You are able to select the color of the ring canvas from stock (we generally stock, black, blue, gray and sometimes red) and also the color of the turnbuckle pads.   For turnbuckle pads, we typically stock, red, black, blue, white, and yellow.


TELEPHONE:  (502) 839-6335 We are on East Coast time zone

EMAIL: info@teammrc.com