Contact us: 502-839-6335
Contact us: 502-839-6335
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Monster Rings and Cages


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We can customize your ring or cage canvas and vinyl products with your logos and special graphics.  While the additional charges vary, sometimes based on the complexity of your graphics, there are several factors to consider when thinking about customization. 

One is background color.  For example, an all black logo would not show up well on a black ring canvas or black corner pad.  There is also the size of the area that can be printed.  When printing on boxing ring ropes, as an example, the logo will be printed small, maybe 2 inches tall, so that too makes a difference in how it will look.

 Here are common items that we typically print on and typical pricing.

Typical pricing for the printing (only) would be as follows.  Yours may be more.

  • Ring Canvas = $800 to several thousand
  • Boxing Corner Pads = $60 x 4 = $240
  • Pole/Post Covers = $60 x 4 = $240
  • Boxing Rope Covers = $125 per rope
  • Boxing Turnbuckle Covers = $10 x 16 = $160
  • Ring Skirts = Set of 4 printed for $650
  • MMA Bumper Pads = $75 each
  • other items are always a custom quote
  • Cage fence rail pad covers - horizontal printing approx. 3" tall
  • Punching Bags - minimum # required
  • Boxing Gloves - minimum # required
  • Hand Wraps - minimum # required
  • various other gym items

CONTACT US for additional information and exact pricing  (502) 839-6335

 We will need you to send your logo to us is a "printable fashion".  A PDF or other art-file will be needed in order to print.  For quotation purposes, a good quality JPEG will work.  Email to: INFO@TEAMMRC.COM and tell us the details of what you want, colors, etc.  Keep in mind that custom printing will take some time to do.  Three (3) weeks is not uncommon and it can take longer, depending on the job.  Allow as much time as possible. 

NOTE:  A printed ring canvas looks great, but, it is the most expensive printing job and a canvas mat cover is not easily cleaned and the logo itself can't be cleaned.  In a gym, a ring canvas will take a lot of abuse and wear and tear on your printing will occur.  

 We can quote anything.  Contact us.  (502) 839-6335  EMAIL: 

NOTE:  You must call in to order, you cannot order on-line.