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 Gym Punching Bag racks

The price is a place holder.   A custom bag rack is priced individually, based on the size and other factors.
We custom build punching bag racks here, at our facility, in Lawrenceburg, KY. in many sizes, shapes, and styles.  We are happy to help you in the design of a bag rack to fit your gym perfectly.

Since there are so many ways to build a bag rack and the number of bag positions will depend on the spacing of the bags, it is impossible for us to price out every size and every style.

We have a few photos attached of different bag racks in various styles.  The majority of the punching bag racks that we build are custom designed.  We can get you a customized quote with just a little information from you.
  • We need to know approx. how many bags you would like on your bag rack.
  • The approx. size of the space where the bag rack will stand
  • Approx. ceiling height (you typically need more than 8')
  • Is your floor concrete?
  • Approx. how many users at the same time
If you give us this information, and your ship to zip code, we can send you a complete quote that includes the shipping.

All of our custom bag racks are made with very strong structural grade steel and all components are many times stronger than needed.

We ship these bag racks on custom built pallets and they are complete with all hardware and ready to assemble quickly and easily.

Our Monster Bag Racks qualify for easy financing with our lending partners.  You can find the financing applications here: EASY FINANCING

NOTE:  You cannot purchase Custom Bag Racks online, they are priced/quoted based on the size and dimensions of your particular bag rack.

Call us or email us and we will be very happy to help.

 Telephone: (502) 839-6335 East Coast Time Zone