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 MMA Cages without a catwalk 

Your camera crew needs a safe and strong ladder/perch to stand on while filming your MMA event.  If your cage does not have a catwalk, you have to use something tall, but SAFE and STRONG.  We have the solution to this problem.

Our Monster Cameraman Ladder makes it easy to your staff to move it to various locations around your cage, quickly and it is strong enough to be safe.

Our Monster Cameraman stand is 54" tall x 36" wide x 24" deep.  This leaves plenty of room for equipment as well as the user.  Our Monster Cameraman stand bolts together quickly and easily for easy storage and transport.

The price does not include the shipping, so be sure to contact us for a shipping quote.

This item is usually built to order, so please allow a few days of production time.


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