Contact us: 502-839-6335
Contact us: 502-839-6335
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Monster Rings and Cages has the absolute best boxing ring padding
Monster Rings and Cages stocks hundreds of sheets of boxing ring padding
Monster Rings and Cages


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Boxing Ring padding must be protective, and our ring padding offers the ultimate in protection and firmness so you can maintain good footing while in the ring.

Boxing rings require a firm ring padding.  In fact, regulations state that the firmness must be at least 2 pounds of density per foot.  Our padding provides that, and more.  Our padding is a strong 2.2 pound density.

By being in rectangular sheets, that are laser cut to perfection, our ring padding is not only the most protective padding available, it is also very easy to place on your ring and easy to transport and/or store.

We sell our padding based on the platform size of your ring.  We pre-cut any pieces to make certain that they fit your ring's floor perfectly.

The padding cannot be shipped using UPS of FED EX ground.  This padding ships to you, on a pallet, via truck line (18 wheeler).   This padding will deliver to you on a pallet.  The sheets are precut to fit your boxing ring platform, edge to edge.
You may need to trim 4 pieces, in one corner each, to fit around your ring posts.

SHIPPING:  The cost of shipping is NOT included in the price of the padding.  You can easily calculate shipping by adding the product to your cart.  Please enter your shipping info to get a shipping quote.  

Order by ring size (platform size).  We keep hundreds of pieces of this padding in stock for immediate shipping.


  • approved for all sanctioned events, both amateur and professional
  • meets or exceeds all regulations worldwide.
  • rectangular sheets for ease of use, travel, and storage
  • pre-cut to fit your boxing ring’s platform
  • ships on a pallet via truck line
  • 100% Made in the USA


TELEPHONE:  (502) 839-6335 We are on the East Coast Time Zone