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Contact us: 502-839-6335
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Advertising Apron Pads for boxing rings are available from Monster Rings and Cages
Apron Advertising pad by Monster Rings and Cages
Monster apron advertising pad @ Skylar Wards International Boxing promotion
Monster Rings and Cages


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 Boxing Ring Accessories

Active boxing promoters can use our Monster Advertising pads, also called apron pads, to make additional income by selling advertising space to sponsors on these pads.

Our Monster Advertising Pads are white and are BLANK, allowing you to have decals with your sponsor's name/logo printed and placed on the pads.  Likewise the decals are easy to remove so you can use these advertising pads over an over.  These pads sit on the ring's apron and you have options when placing the graphics onto the advertising pad.  You can put just on, on the 12" side, as shown in the photos, or you can place two, one on each side of the 8.25" sides and place the 12" side down on the canvas.  

Our Monster Advertising pads are 48" long with have a 12" wide face, and two sides @ 8.25" wide giving you plenty of room for your sponsors logo.

FREE GROUND SHIPPING is included in the price (to any of the 48 states).  International orders, or any order that needs to be expedited should contact us for the additional shipping charges.

We generally have these in stock and ready to ship the same or next business day.  A quantity of one (1) is one pad.