About Us


To become the very best in your field, you have to do more than others and you have to do it better.

We began building wrestling rings way back in the 1990's.   This business started with building 10 wrestling rings per year to where we are now, building 200+ wrestling rings, 200+ boxing rings, 50+ MMA Cages and lots of bag stands and racks each and every year.

From a 1-person operation we grew to now having a crew of highly skilled welders, painters, production staff, and office staff, we have grown every year thanks to the fact that we build the absolute best and strongest ring and cage in the world!

We went from literally working in a driveway to our 20,000 square ft. building and we are still growing.

With more than 20 years of manufacturing the World's strongest rings and cages behind us, and many more years ahead of us.  Monster Rings and Cages is your best choice for everything wrestling, boxing and MMA related!