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5/8's x 9" turnbuckle for wrestling ring
5/8's x 9" turnbuckle measurement
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TURNBUCKLE - 5/8's x 9"

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The 5/8's" x 9" hook and hook turnbuckle is the most commonly used turnbuckle for wrestling rings larger than 16'.  

If you are replacing one or more of your current turnbuckles, you should know that turnbuckles are actually measured at the center take up point, in between the nuts, and not end to end.  If you are concerned about getting the proper size turnbuckle you can see our "HOW TO MEASURE A TURNBUCKLE"  page.  

All turnbuckles are marked with their size, 1/2" or 5/8's", etc.  Each end will usually have an L and an R as well, denoting the LEFT and RIGHT handed turn.

Our turnbuckles are very heavy duty and are marine grade.  They are heavily galvanized, making them water/weather proof.

We maintain a very large inventory of turnbuckles and ship your order same or next day.  Free GROUND SHIPPING within the 48 Continental US states is included.

  • heavy duty drop forged construction
  • marine grade with heavy galvanization
  • hook and hook for easy connection to your ring/ropes
  • always in stock
  • Free ground shipping within 48 Continental states