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Contact us: 502-839-6335
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T-BAR Bag Rack

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T-Bar Bag Rack

 We are able to build bag racks, using a version of our Monster T-Bar Bag Stands and make the racks as long as you need them.  These are a great idea for gyms with longer and more narrow spaces that need to have a lot of bags for class usage.

These are very strong bag racks and are sold in "sections".  For example, the first section will have two T-bars and two beams to connect them.  The next section, and each one after the first section will have one additional T-Bar stand and 2 additional beams.  You can add as many additional sections as you like.  We typically make these 40' up to 60' long, but they can be anywhere from 10' long all the way up to as long as you want.

 Each section is typically10' long but can be up to 12’.  So, you would get two posts and two beams for the first section and each section thereafter you will get one post and two beams.  These T-Bar Bag stands are completely welded to make installation simple and easy.  We supply everything you need.


  • T-Bar bag stand - 4' wide @ 102" tall to easily hang long Muay Thai bags
  • concrete anchors and masonry drill bit
  • 1/2" diameter bolts, flat washers, lock washers, and nuts for assembly
  • Top beams pre-drilled for easy installation
  • all bag positions have very strong marine grade 1/2" x 6" eye bolts with flat washers, lock washers and nuts for assembly
  • easy to follow assembly instructions
  • ships on a custom-built pallet

Our T-Bar Bag Racks qualify for EASY FINANCING through AFFIRM or one of our other lending partners. 

 Since we are the manufacturer, we are able to customize these to fit your space.  Contact us with any questions.


SHIPPING is NOT included in the price.  CONTACT US for a shipping quote.


PRODUCTION TIME: We build these units on a per order basis and production time will vary, based on the number of orders in front of you when you place your order.

Contact us for an estimated production date.  Once the order is placed, it cannot be cancelled.


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