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Monster Rings and Cages


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We also sell our Pole covers, in individual lots of one (1).  If you need less than a complete set (a full set is 4) or if you want to mix and match colors to form your own custom color combination, you can purchase them as singles.
Pole covers, also called pole pads or post pads, are an excellent way to make your boxing ring look great.  A pole cover will hide any scratches, etc. that occur while transporting or storing your ring.  They are also a great addition to your gym.  Since they are vinyl, they are easy to clean, and offer a bit of protection around your ring poles.  The pole covers are 56" tall and will fit both round and square ring poles.  Closure is with Velcro straps. 
We sell our Boxing Ring Pole covers in the following colors.  A quantity of 1 will be for 1 piece only.  To make a full set of four (4) you will need a total quantity of 4.
We have them available in the following color options.
  • red
  • white
  • blue
  • black

Pole covers are also great for customization, screen printing your promotion's name, sponsor's logo, or your gym logo.  We can provide that optional service, for an extra fee. 

  Free ground shipping is included in the price, to the 48 states.

  • sold individually as one (1) piece
  • fits round or square posts
  • strong hook and loop Velcro Closure
  • 56" tall 
  • Free ground shipping to any of the 48 Continental USA states