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Velcro on Rope Covers from Monster
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When you need to upgrade the look of your boxing ring ropes, the Velcro style ring rope covers are an easy and inexpensive way of having "new ring ropes".  These are made with top quality athletic vinyl, professionally stitched and hemmed, with a hook and loop Velcro edge for easy installation.  A Velcro on ring rope cover will wrap around your existing ring ropes and close up tightly using the sewn on Hook and Loop Velcro.  No need to remove your old rope cover, these Velcro on ring rope covers will fit right over top of your old cover, in most cases.  To make the job even easier, each rope cover is in four (4) sections, one for each of the 4 sections of rope on your ring (the area from corner to corner) and these Velcro style ring rope covers can be easily trimmed to fit using a pair of scissors.
When you purchase a quantity of one (1) you will receive 4 pieces which will be enough to cover ONE (1) ring rope only.  If you need to cover 4 ring ropes, you will order a quantity of 4 which means you will receive 16 pieces in total, with an order of 4.  It takes four (4) pieces to complete one (1) ring rope.
We offer these in three (3) different sizes and in 4 standard colors.  Customization with your logo is available at an additional cost.
  • 16' Velcro covers for rings with platform sizes up to 20'
  • 18' Velcro covers for rings with platforms sizes up to 22'
  • 20' Velcro covers for rings with platforms sizes up to 24'
  • Red
  • White
  • Blue
  • Black
These are easily trimmed to fit and these ring rope covers will fit directly over top of your current ring rope covers, in most cases.  
Free ground shipping to all 48 Continental states is included in the price.