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Contact us: 502-839-6335
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Soft polyester Ring Rope Covers
boxing ring rope cover colors
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Cover only

We offer replacement rope covers for your boxing ring.  These are the rope covers only, no actual rope is included.  These covers are POLYESTER, not vinyl.  Polyester is a softer material to use, easier on your fighters, and much easier to put on your ring ropes, yourself than the (stiff) vinyl covers.  

These are strong rope covers and are made to fit the following ring rope sizes.  They are easy to trim to fit, if needed.  Boxing rings are measured by platform size.

  • 58' - these fit ring ropes for 16' rings and smaller
  • 66' - these fit ring ropes for 20' rings and smaller
  • 74' -these fit ring ropes for 22' rings and smaller
  • 82' - these fit ring ropes for 24' rings and smaller

We offer our ring rope covers in four (4) colors.

  1. Red
  2. White
  3. Blue
  4. Black

Slide on ring rope covers can be difficult to install.  You will need to remove your old rope covers and use your existing "raw" rope.

FREE GROUND SHIPPING to any of the 48 Continental USA states is included in the price.