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Monster Boxing Ring Ropes
Monster Boxing Ring Rope red
Monster Boxing Ring Rope Blue
Monster Boxing Ring Rope white
Monster Boxing Ring Rope Black
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 Complete Ring Rope

This is one (1) complete boxing ring rope with the following:

  • strong regulation sized 1" rope
  • completely covered with a strong soft polyester rope cover
  • 4 marine grade round retaining rings
  • 4 stainless steel rope clamps
  • 2 vinyl rope clamp covers

These ring ropes are sized to fit your ring using the actual platform size.

  • 58' ring rope will fit boxing rings that are 16' and smaller
  • 66' ring rope will fit boxing rings that are 20' and smaller
  • 82' ring rope will fit boxing rings that are 24' and smaller

We offer our complete boxing ring rope in a variety of 4 colors.

  1. RED
  2. WHITE
  3. BLUE
  4. BLACK

A quantity of one (1) will be for one (1) complete boxing ring rope.  To get a complete set of four (4) you will need to have a total quantity of four (4) in your shopping cart.

We make these boxing ring ropes, here in our shop so they are 100% made in the USA.

FREE GROUND SHIPPING to any of the 48 Continental USA states is included in the price.