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Contact us: 502-839-6335
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WWE style wrestling ring stairs
Aluminum Corner ring stairs
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Aluminum Ring Stair

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Aluminum Wrestling Ring Stair

The WWE uses an aluminum ring stair with their wrestling ring, and we make that style of Aluminum ring stairs for wrestling, right here at Monster Rings and Cages.

These stairs have to be made from aluminum, rather than steel, due to the overall weight.  A set of steel stairs, made like this, would weigh over 300 lbs.

The Aluminum ring stairs will weigh much less.

We offer these aluminum wrestling ring steps in two different styles, one is with a straight top step that is meant to sit next to the side of the ring.  The other style has a "V" cut out to sit in the corner of the ring.

These aluminum wrestling ring stairs come to you, on a pallet, and are 100% assembled and ready to use.

We use a bright shiny aluminum, but we can also paint them, if you like.

These aluminum wrestling ring stairs are custom built to order and production time will vary, based on the number of orders in front of your order.

Once ordered, you cannot cancel the order.

CONTACT US for a shipping quote or for additional information.

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