We provide custom logo printing on many areas of your ring's accessories.  We can digitally print ring skirts, pole pads, boxing ring corner pads, ring pole covers, boxing ring ropes, boxing turnbuckle covers, and more.

Printing the RING CANVAS is something that we do many times per month.  However, we must provide you with a word of caution when it comes to having a ring canvas printed.

You cannot clean the portion of your ring canvas that is printed.  The printing process is done by screen printing and water based ink is used for that process.  Chemical cleaners, even soap and water, will harm the ink.  

While the printed logo does look great, you also have to remember, that in a gym setting, the center portion of your ring will take tremendous abuse with use.  Dirty ring shoes, sweat, spit, blood, etc. all will soak into your canvas.  

It may be possible to use direct suction, like that from a shop vac, but not a regular vacuum that has rollers, beaters, or other parts that may cause damage to the ink.

Please keep this in mind as you plan your accessories being printed.

Contact us with any questions.