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Monster Breakdown style wrestling ring
Monster Breakdown style wrestling ring

Breakdown Style Wrestling Ring

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Tongue and Grooved wood flooring

A breakdown style wrestling ring is one that comes apart (breaks down) into half-sized pieces. Our Flexi-beam rings are all in long pieces.  For example, on a Flexi-beam wrestling ring that is 16', the side rails and cross members are all approx, 16' long.  On a Breakdown Style wrestling ring, the pieces are only approx. 8' long.  They are one-half the size.  A breakdown style ring ring is the type of ring that has a coil spring in the center of the ring and is generally considered an older style, and not as popular as the Flexi-beam style of wrestling ring.

Many people are under the impression that having a center coil spring will make the wrestling ring "bounce" better, but actually the opposite is true.  The center coil spring does make the ring "stiffer" than the flexi-beam rings.  We have found a spring that gives good bump in our various sizes of breakdown style rings and we do build a fair number of these wrestling rings.

The only real advantage to getting a breakdown style ring is the fact that since it is in shorter pieces, a smaller vehicle can transport the ring, and a small storage space can be used to store the ring.  It does basically have twice as many parts, in the frame, so it may take a little longer to sit one up and take it down.

We build all of our Flexi-beam rings to use long boards (like 2" x 12" boards) for the ring flooring.  On the breakdown style wrestling rings, we build them to use plywood and we fix them so you bolt the plywood down to the steel frame.

We build our breakdown style wrestling rings in the same style as our STYLE 2 Pro Wrestling Rings, using the very strong structural grade steel, and the same drop and lock technology, so there are no nuts or bolts in this wrestling ring.

We have built these breakdown style wrestling rings and sent them to promotions in Japan, Germany, Israel, England, Australia as well as many other countries, including, of course, here in the USA.  These are Pro Wrestling rings and require a flat surface since there are 9 poles that are touching the ground.  This style would not be recommended for using outside without a flat, firm surface to sit it on.

The normal ring floor height is 36" and that is what we suggest.  The springs are stiff, in order to offer good, safe, support. 

We offer these Breakdown Pro Wrestling Rings in three standard sizes.  16', 18', and 20'.  Rings are measured outside to outside edge.  These are all built to order and will take anywhere between 2 and 6 weeks, depending our our production schedule (number of orders that are in front of you) at the time you order.  Additional shipping will apply, since these will ship on a pallet using a commercial truck line.  You should contact us for a shipping quote.

These rings are complete, same as our other Pro Wrestling Rings, and you have the option of buying the plywood from us, or buying it locally after your ring arrives.

Easy Financing is available.  Check out with Affirm to finance the purchase of your Breakdown Wrestling Ring.  The shipping will not be included in the total.  You can pay that separately.  If you are a PROMOTER or GYM OWNER, you may qualify for easy financing through ClickLease:   Click here for instant financing up to $15,000.00  CLICKLEASE FOR BUSINESS FINANCING


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