You can get a shipping quote for the items that will not ship on UPS, such as all Boxing Rings, Wrestling Rings, MMA Cages, Padding, Heavy Punching Bag Racks and items weighing over 150 pounds.

To get a quote, simply email us with the following information:

Item that you are interested in - complete description,  Plese don't just put "wrestling ring" tell us the size and style (16' Training ring as an example).

We need to know where it will ship.  Your zip code is a must, and the name of your town is helpful.  Also we must know if it is to a residential address or a non-residential (commercial business) address.

Any other details will certainly be helpful in getting you an accurate quote.  On International quotes, we need to know  a more complete address, to determine the port that the item will sail to.

Please use this email address to get us your information.


Shipping your ring, cage, bag rack, gym equipment, or padding will require truck shipping.  Small items, mat covers, ring ropes, small equipment, etc., can be shipped to you on UPS but the larger items are loaded on regular tractor trailer trucks and shipped to you via truck line. 

International shipping is primarily done via ship.  You can have a complete 20 or 40 foot container, or a pallet or crate, shipped via boat.  We are able to ship using air freight, but air freight is very expensive.  For example, we have flown several cages, internationally, and the shipping was more than $10,000 via plane, where it would have been $3000 or less on a ship.

Since we ship 8 to 12 truck loads of equipment every week, we get the best shipping rates and pass them on to you, giving you the lowest, overall, total price.


Here is how shipping works, for large items.  We load your cage, ring, or other large item onto one of our truck lines, after doing a shipping quote and choosing the least expensive method for you.

Depending on the item, we try to never have it leave the trailer that we load it on, this keeps problems to a minimum.  If your item is being delivered to a non-residential business location, the shipping company will generally not contact you.  They will arrive during normal business hours to deliver your order.  You will be responsible for unloading the order.  The truck driver does not have to help in any way. 

If you have a large order, something like a cage, catwalk, wood flooring, etc. the truck line will usually drop the trailer for you and come back and pick it up the next day.

Residential delivery is always more expensive than commercial delivery.  These are truck line regulations.  If you are having an order delivered to your residence, the truck line may decide to contact you, but maybe not.  Unless you owe money for the shipping, they may not call you first.

Be advised!  In either instance, commercial or residential delivery, if you are not available to receive the order, the truck line will charge a fee to redeliver the shipment.  Usually this is at least $100.  They also charge you if they have to call you for a delivery appointment, unless you owe for the shipping charge.  

In order to do you a shipping quote, we need information from you.  Shipping is based on several things.  It is based on the size and weight of the shipment, the freight class, and the destination.  So, we need the following information from you, in order to do a proper shipping quote.

  • Destination Zip Code
  • Type of delivery - residential, commercial, storage building, etc.
  • loading dock or no loading dock
  • item description - example:  20 ft Competition Boxing ring, with wood flooring, not just Boxing Ring.
  • any other information that best describes the ship to location.

Please note:  Shipping quotes are accurate, based on the information that you give us, and the information that we submit to the truck line.  Shipping quotes are only good for 1 week.  Changes can and will occur based on the time from quote to shipping and the actual weight and cube of the shipment.  When changes occur, you will be responsible to pay all of the shipping charges.   On International shipping, we quote only the shippign charges, taxes, customs, duties, and other fees are the responsibility of the purchasing party.  We can not be held responsible for any additional charges.






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