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POLICY & LEGAL INFORMATION - Monster Rings and Cages

All Photos, descriptions, and other information contained in this website is the sole property of Monster Rings and Cages and may not be copied, used, or reprinted in any fashion without written permission from us.

The name Monster Rings and Cages, Monster Fight Gear, Unleash a Monster, and all photos are all copyright material. 

Additionally, Monster Rings and Cages manufactures products for other companies, under private labels, and those companies will use photos and descriptions of these products in their catalogs and on line.  The photos and descriptions, likewise, remain the property of Monster Rings and Cages and may not be used without permission.

WARNING:  Boxing, Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts, Strength Training, all exercise and competition can and will be dangerous.  Injuries will occur.  The end user accepts all responsibility for any and all injuries resulting from the use of any or our products, or any products that we have sold.  The end user agrees to Hold Harmless Monster Rings and Cages as well as all related parties.


PRICING:  We make every effort to make certain that there are no typographical errors or mis-priced items on our site.  However, we can not be responsible for any errors and reserve the right to correct such errors at any time and adjust your invoice to the correct price.  Of course, at that time you would have the opportunity to cancel the order. 

QUOTES:  When you receive a quote from us, for any of the items that we manufacture, that quote is good for a limited time.  This time limit will not exceed 30 days.  Shipping quotes are good for 7 days only.  Please read the SHIPPING link for additional details.  Shipping is quoted as the shippign charges only, based on the information given to us.  Additional fees are the responsibility of the purchasing party.

 PURCHASES:  When you use a credit card to make a purchase, it will be charged at the time of sale, not when the item ships.

All purchases are final.  In the event of a manufacturer's defect, you will return the unused item, in it's original package for inspection.  If it is found to be defective, a replacement will be sent to you.

REFUND POLICY:  We have a No Refund / No Cancellation Policy.  If the item has a manufacturer's defect, you should not use the item.  Once you use it, it can not be returned, even with a manufacturer's defect. We must be notified within 7 days of receipt that your product has a manufacturing defect. We will issue authorization for return after investigating your claim.  In the event that an item is returned, without authorization, the buyer will be responsible for the shipping charges, both from us and back to us.  

WARRANTIES:   Unless noted in the product description, no warranties are express or implied.  Any warranty work will be performed in our factory.   First, contact us and provide photos and information, and then, we will determine the best course of action.  A defect in manufacturing must be reported before the product is used.  You will return the defective part, if it is determined to be defective and it will be repaired or replaced and returned to you.  Should you discover missing parts, or defect, we must be notified immediatley.  After 30 days, no returns or refunds will be accepted.

AGREEMENT:  By making a purchase, the buyer agrees to all terms and conditions as set forth above.

SHIPPING:  Unless otherwise specified, in writing, our company makes no claims or promises as to projected shipping dates of your merchandise.   While we make every effort to ship in a timely manner, we will not be responsible for, nor can we promise any definite shipping or arrival dates.  Any claims for damages, due to problems during shiping are directly the responsibility of the customer and trucking company.  We cannot guarentee a specific date of shipping or receiving.  If there are damages you must sign the bill of lading as damaged, at the time of delivery in order to be eligible to file a claim with the truck line.  Monster Rings and Cages will not be responsible for any damages that occur during shipping or for any shipments arriving late.

CUSTOM SIZING:  It is the customer's responsibility to know the size of the ring or cage.  If you order a product to fit a regular cage or ring, it will come to you based on the size that we offer.  If your ring or cage is not properly sized, your item, bought from us, will not fit it properly, unless you have provided the proper measurements to us.  Once used, no item can be returned under any conditions.

CUSTOM PROJECTS:  If you, as a buyer, submit plans, drawings, or other custom designs, it is your responsibility to determine the safety and feasibility of the project, before sending to us.   We take no responsibility for your design.  Should you send us your design, have us manufacture it, and later decide it needs to be changed, you are 100% responsibile for the cost of any changes, shipping to and from, and any and all costs associated with changes.

SHIPPING DAMAGES:  We make every effort to package and ship our products in a safe and secure manner.  When equipment is are shipped, you receive an email with the tracking number and a note reminding you to check the goods for any damages that might occur during the shippign process.  Once we ship the product, it is no longer in our care, and we have no control.  If you fail to mark the Bill of Lading as damaged, or having possible damage, you are waiving your rights to file a claim with the truck line.  We assume no liability for any damages occured in shipping.

Under no circumstances will we be responsible for any damages or monetary claims form the purchase or use of our equipment.  We can not and will not be responsible for any losses incurred due to a prolonged waiting time from the order until shipment.  We make every effort to ship as quickly as possible but any estimations of shipping are just estimations and the time between your order being placed and shipped is based on our production schedule at the time and we cannot and will not be held responsible for any additional cost or expenses that you, incur during that wait time.

Acceptance of order:  Once ordered, you agree to accept delivery of the order.  Should you become unable to accept the order, for any reason, we can arrange for short term storage only.  Orders stored more than 30 days past completion can be charged a storage fee of $10.00 (ten dollars) per day.  Also any additional costs incurred become the responsibility of the buyer.


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